Carpal Tunnel Chiropractic

Whether you're dealing with a recent injury, or you need a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, PA, to help with a persistent condition, you'll have access to personalized therapy treatments at Lifeforce Chiropractic. Our patients are our number one priority, and we're trained and equipped to address various health issues. We can provide K-Laser Class IV thermal laser therapy.

Immediate Appointments

We want to start patients' healing processes as quickly as possible, so we have weekend and evening hours. In our modern facility, our friendly staff members will do what they can to diagnose a range of conditions. We'll explain the course of action that we recommend and answer any questions about the care we provide. If you're curious about how to care for your body in a holistic way, we can provide nutritional consulting.

For your convenience, Lifeforce Chiropractic can file your insurance claims. If you'd like to experience the health benefits that a chiropractor can deliver, contact our office in Pittsburgh today and schedule your initial appointment.


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